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April 2014


Newsletter of the Chesapeake Sailing Club

Calendar at a Glance
    April (tba) - dinner - Eastport YC
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Commodore's Column
Glenn Whaley, Trinity


Okay, enough already with the cold. Not only are we through with it, we're even tired of whining about it! Can we at least hope that we'll get pay-back with a nice, long, moderate spring and early summer?

Well, lousy weather or not, we CSCers certainly haven't been hibernating! In mid-March, we all enjoyed a really great evening out at O'Laughlin's Restaurant in Arnold. 'Twas on the eve of the good Irish saint, it was. That would be March 16th. Which was right before the umpteenth snow storm of the season. (Have I mentioned we're tired of winter?) There was almost a baker's dozen of us in attendance: Yours truly and Susan, V/C Liz and Frank Cingel, Treasurer Dona and Jim Force, Fred and Irene Weinfeld, Richard Payne, and guests Brendan and Carrie Coffey, friends from Belvedere Yacht Club. (If you're counting, that only makes eleven. Dave and Janet Ewing were underway and enroute, but had to return to port due to something that came up unexpectedly. So they were kind of there, at least in spirit. That sort of counts for a baker's dozen, doesn't it?)

Everyone seemed to really enjoy O'Laughlin's, and I'm sure they will get a return visit for CSC shore affairs during future winters. At least, I hope so! They were very accommodating with their menu for the food-challenged. And it was all very good, too. Reasonable prices, good food, pleasant staff - it almost doesn't get any better than that. Wait ... it could be all that, and be near the water too. Oh, well. Can't have everything, I guess.

Speaking of water, I've made a few visits to Trinity over the past week or so, just to say hi. She wants to get underway really badly. So do we. And so does Skittles. We promised it would be soon. There are reports that Oscar and Opal, Belvedere's pet ospreys, have returned to Belvedere so spring can't be too far off now. Of course, the poor birds got snowed on that weekend. But Trinity thinks that served them right for already peppering her with dead sticks from their nest. I see a rivalry building here. But spring and nice weather will smooth it over, I'm sure - nothing that a little separation therapy like a nice shakedown cruise and weekend on the Bay couldn't fix.

So let's all be thinking sea-going thoughts as the days get longer. (Hah! Even more snow can't keep that from happening!) And be looking forward to our final shore get-together of this cold, dark winter at the Eastport Yacht Club in April. After that, it will all be about all of us being out on the water! Yay!

Vice Commodore's Report
Liz Cingel, Southern Lady


Recently Commodore Glenn and Susan, Richard Payne, Dona and Jim Force, Irene and Fred Weinfeld, guests Carrie and Brendan Coffey, Frank and I met at O'Loughlin’s Restaurant for dinner. Unfortunately two people had an emergency and could not join us. Everyone agreed the food was very good and I think we will go back next winter for a CSC outing.

Snow, rain, snow, rain. I'm not sure there will be a summer this year because winter keeps going on and on. For those who live in the Annapolis area it has been a very cold, snowy winter for us. No time to work on boats due to snow. Eastport Yacht Club will be our destination for dinner in April (I hope) and the date will be announced soon, I promise.

Frank and I checked out Pleasure Cove Marina on Bodkin Creek this week and it appears they have expanded. The Cheshire Crab Restaurant is located at the marina so we will have dinner there on July 12. Transient slips are available if you prefer to plug in and there is room to anchor. The restaurant is approximately 2 miles from the entrance to Bodkin Creek right across the creek from Bodkin Yacht Club. Our annual meeting/picnic will be at Belvedere Yacht Club on August 16 and slips are available. Mark your calendar for our annual crab cake picnic on September 27. I'm sure most of you know that slips are available and it has a very nice gift shop.

Fleet Captain's Report
Mary Jo Harris, Circe


Ahoy, fellow CSC'ers. It won't be long now before splash down in the Chesapeake Bay. Some of us may be in the water as early as April. For me, early May will be soon enough as I transition directly from massive home renovations to the relative "ease" of routine boat maintenance (Hahaha! I can hear your jeering laughter).

Below is our 2014 cruising schedule.

ALL HANDS ONDECK! Don't miss cruising on the Bay this summer. That's what we're all about.

First order of business is to decide what we want to do on Memorial Day Weekend. Please consider, and send your suggestions to me.

Will you be sailing that weekend, or do you still have shore tasks to perform?

Where would you like to cruise (plan two nights out), weather permitting?

Is there another club or group of boaters that you would like to join, and can the rest of us join the group too?

All suggestions are welcome. We'll collaborate, and I will communicate with the whole club in time to set out Saturday morning whether we have a large group or small.


    Destinations to be centered right here in our own Middle Bay. With generally short travel days, we will ply the waters from the Severn to the Little Choptank and the Choptank, and plan a couple of days in Cambridge where we will enjoy small town life and some good meals ashore.

  • MIDSUMMER DINNER CRUISE, in conjunction with the club's summer restaurant meet-up in July. TBD

    As we learned last year (as though we didn't already know this), sailors are at the mercy of wind, heat, rain, thunder storms, currents, and genera ennui. After setting out from our home ports and getting together a day or two later in the Patuxent – maybe this year we will actually get up river to Vera's White Sands - we will plan our travels to destinations further south a day or two at a time depending on the weather. Perhaps we will return to the Tangier Sound, maybe Tangier Island for a night. A trip back to Onancock is always fun. Or... the Rappahannock awaits with interesting anchorages and a possible visit to Urbana to check out the City Docks and visit town and restaurants. Tentative dates are August 16 - 31, and if other CSC members who didn't attend this cruise wish to sail over Labor Day Weekend, we can meet them for the weekend on our return to home ports toward the end of this cruise.

  • LABOR DAY CRUISE, Optional - TBD

    in the Northern Bay.
    Perhaps this time we will be lucky enough to actually anchor off Captain Dave's quarters above the Rt. 13 Bridge for a night.

    After a Thursday or Friday visit to the boat show, let's get out there Saturday morning and do some real sailing. We might return for a relaxing fall weekend in the Chester River.... or maybe we will go to the Wye with a night in St. Michaels.... we'll see!

Webmaster and Editor
Frank Cingel