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April 2013


Newsletter of the Chesapeake Sailing Club

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    Apr 20 - Restaurant Outing
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Commodore's Column
Mal Singerman, Tieve Owna


As the sailing season approaches, with some of us planning to have our boats in the water even before the month ends, I'd like to start this month's Commodore's letter with a salute and a hearty "Thank You" to our Webmaster, Frank Cingel. Without Frank's quiet behind the scenes work, we would not be reading this month's Scuttlebutt, we would not have received our updated club roster in March, we would not have a website where we can find interesting and useful links and information, along with member postings about cruises and destinations not to mention a selection of recipes to grace our table. Our website contains a wealth of information and reference material, including our club bylaws, and a handy application form for new members. Our webmaster keeps us up to date with emails and postings for Cruise Schedule and for land and water events.

Our website, and club communications don't "just happen". Regular contributors like me and other past and present club officers know that we will receive gentle reminders from Frank when newsletter contributions, cruising schedules and other club information is not forthcoming in a timely manner. And then, of course, there is the wizardry required to hammer these contributions into the correct form and actually post them to the website. Since web pages appear when we simply click a link or type and address into a browser, and since emails just pop up when we open our virtual mailbox, it is easy to forget the work and patience that make them possible. I'm sure I speak for the entire membership when I extend a very sincere "thank you" to Frank, CSC's own Great Communicator, for all the work he does to keep our Club functioning and moving forward.
Our Cruise Captain, Mary Jo Harris, has an interesting schedule on tap for us, and our Vice Commodore, Glenn Whaley, has some plans for land events that are equally intriguing. From my perch in Florida, I'm looking forward to this year's season, and to seeing all the members again.


Vice Commodore's Report
Glenn Whaley, Trinity


A Very Merry Celebration of the Saint's Own Day!

An if ye missed it, 'twas a wondrous affair and all! Of course, I'd be talking about the St. Patrick's Day party which was our March shoreside shindig -- hopefully the last before breaking out the boats for the glories of the sailing season.

The O'Whaleys championed the party, complete with corned beef and cabbage, some really grand Guiness stew, and assorted Irish niceties contributed by the host of sailors there assembled. There were fourteen of us including the hosts, V/C Glenn and Treasurer Sue, Frank and Liz Cingel, Richard and Leslie Payne, Dave and Janet Ewing, plus guests Pete and Mary Anne Mancillas and Jim and Verna Wilson, both couples from Belvedere YC. Also in attendance (drum roll, please!) were Vice Commodore (emeritus) Joe and Margie Powers in Joe's first outing following serious back surgery. The feasting was complemented ably by Irish cheese and crackers, two salads, and for dessert (try not to drool!) fudge pie and a second green mint ice cream pie, St. Pat's Day cupcakes, and blessed emerald brownies as if from the Isle itself. Besides grub and vittles, to be sure there was stout and Smithwick's Ale in abundance, with a smatterin' of wine to round out the feast. (And we all felt pretty round when it was over, as well!)

So here we are on the dawn crest of the sailing season. Soon the covers will come off, the biminis go up, the antifreeze will flush through, and off we'll go adventuring. Stay tuned for the details of the Aprilfest, which (good Lord willin'!) should be a sail or drive to a place of good eats on the Eastern Shore. Hope to see everyone there!

Fleet Captain's Report
Mary Jo Harris, Circe


Ahoy, fellow CSC'ers. Here it is again. Your 2013 CSC Cruising Schedule. We are planning to have a ton of fun this summer sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. Be sure to block off time for each of our extended cruises in June and in September. For something new we're adding a Columbus Day Weekend for those who don't flee the Chesapeake early in the fall, and we hope to partner with Rock Hall Sailing Club on two of the major holiday weekends. More on the partnership efforts later.

  • May 5.25-27: Memorial Day Cruise
    (destination to be determined depending on the wind and weather, but we might go to Little Round Bay in the Severn for the first night, or Bodkin Creek on the Patapsco).
  • June: CSC Summer Cruise
    This will be a two week get-away for all who can make the whole trip. The second part of the cruise will be planned to go with the wind and weather conditions. We will all plan to be in Solomon's on Tuesday, 6.11 for those who must join the cruise late. Those who wish to terminate after Tuesday 6.11 may use the remainder of the week to sail home - but that would be a shame because the best is yet to come.
    • Friday 6.7: Rhode River raft up
    • Saturday 6.8: Hudson Creek, Little Choptank raft up
    • Sunday 6.9: St. Leonard's Creek, Patuxent River raft up or marina, Dinner ashore at Vera's White Sands Restaurant. Cocktails beneath the banana trees on the deck overlooking our anchored boats in the harbor below.
    • Monday 6.10: Solomon's Island, mooring, anchor, or marina. Dinner ashore.
    • Tuesday 6.11: Solomon's Island, mooring, anchor, or marina. Dinner ashore, or community meal. We can use the two day stop over to fuel-up, buy groceries, tour the town, shop, and visit the museum.
    • Wednesday 6.12- 6.22: The remainder of the cruise (THE BEST PART) will be determined by wind and weather conditions. We'll meet each evening and make a float plan for the next day or two.
  • July 20: Midsummer Dinner Cruise
    (driving, biking, or hiking are acceptable), but some of us will sail to Worton Creek and anchor off the Worton Creek Marina for a short climb up the hill to dine at the Harbor View Restaurant and watch the sun setting over the harbor, while sharing spoonfuls of the chef's famous Vassar Devil desert.
  • August. 8.31-9.2: Labor Day Cruise
    (planned to partner with Rock Hall Sailing Club, destination to be determined).
  • September: CSC Fall Cruise
    • Sunday 9.15: Stillpond raft up
    • Monday 9.16: Sassafras River, East of Rt. 213 Bridge raft up
    • Tuesday 9.17: Sassafras River, Georgetown Yacht Basin or Granary (dinner ashore)
    • Wednesday 9.18: Maryland Yacht Club, Rock Creek, Patapsco River (dinner ashore)
    • Thursday 9.19 Fairlee Creek or Worton Creek raft up
    • Friday 9.20: Magothy River or Swan Creek
    • Saturday 9.21: Return to Home Port
  • October 10.5-7: Columbus Day Frostbite Cruise
    to the Chester River (reed Creek and Langford Creek raft ups)


Webmaster and Editor
Frank Cingel